Full Tarot Card Readings by a Intuitive Psychic Tarot Reader

Tarot Card Readings by Professional Tarot Card Reader Kristian von Sponneck.

“I was a sceptic but am now a believer. Fascinating.”

Anybody can shuffle a deck of Tarot Cards, pull out a number of them and say a number of things that is ‘shown’. The art of the Tarot is being able to read them for what they exactly are and how they represent your journey in this lifetime. As a trained Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Hypnotherapist, I believe I can advise in a more ethical, understanding and professional manor leading to a Tarot Card Reading with true meaning.

“I cannot believe how accurate that is once again. The whole reading is amazing. Honestly. You are so gifted.”

The Tarot Cards are one of my two passions (the other Mediumship) and the cards are my best friend (apart from my partner).

“Thank you! The reading was clear…”

Tarot Card Readings can give you insight into your past, your here and now and give you glimpse of what the future may have in store for you…

Are you struggling with direction in your life?

You have questions about your love life?

What will the future bring?

Tarot cards will help уоu answer many questions in your journey. It can guide you, helping  you to get answers to most of уоur questions in your life. The Tarot is a road map of your journey.

“It looks so positive and I am looking forward ahead”

Unfortunately, in this day and age, there are scores of Tarot card readers that do not truly understand the nature and history of this ancient art. The true meanings have been lost over time.

“Personally, I think this is the best reading you’ve had!”

Every reading I undertake, time and care is always taken to give you the best picture of your past, present and future. The principal Tarot Card spreads are used in combination with the feelings and imagery I pickup as a Psychic Medium. Any advice given is from the heart but please note, Tarot Card Readings by Psychic Medium Kristian von Sponneckas stated earlier, I am a qualified therapist. I consider myself more than qualified to interpret the cards in a more in-depth and professional manner and naturally, all advice is geared towards your well-being. This is an area in which the ‘psychic-detractors’ jump on, the fact that a Psychic cannot give correct/professional advice, especially to someone that is in a grieving state. I can.

“This reading is true and accurate. If someone had printed out the cliffs notes of my life of the last 10 years, it would of looked like that. I am grateful for the reading.”

Completion is on average 48 hours, the only delay is when this falls into a weekend (you will be advised the completion time when the reading is booked). The readings are never ‘copied and pasted’ nor generic readings that get sent out to all. The correct procedure is always taken with every reading and naturally specific to you.

Please remember that any advice given to you from the reading is backed up with the knowledge as a therapist (psychotherapist, counsellor and hypnotherapist) and have your wellbeing as a number one priority.
Tarot Card Readings by Kristian von Sponneck

You can (but do not have to) supply a picture, date of birth and a brief description on what you wish to find out more about or need guidance with. This is not for any kind of ‘social media checking’ which has been suggested re others. It helps having the image and further information at hand when you ask the tarot for guidance as such. This can only give you a more specific and accurate reading.

For a Professional Full Tarot Card Reading, The investment amount is £95 (US $125 – 106 Euro’s).

This service takes approximately 1.5 – 2 hours and is a FULL past, present and future reading also with a certain area focused in depth. I take great pride and care with all the readings I do, calling on my experience as both a Tarot Card reader and as a Psychotherapist. I have yet to hear a bad comment with all the many readings I have done.

*** To purchase a Tarot Card Reading with myself (Kristian von Sponneck), click > here < *** 

If you prefer a female Tarot card reader as opposed to myself, please click > here < Tarot Card Readings by DoraDora, who I wholeheartedly use as my Tarot card reader, has proved time after time accurate with all information she has passed to me. This is her passion and the results speak for themselves. The investment amount for her services are the same as mine, just follow the link on her page to pay for her services.

(Please note that I can not deal with health matters including pregnancy).

For a visual look at my work, you can visit my Instagram account by clicking >here<  For a list of the 78 Tarot Card meanings, click >here<

I hope this answers your questions about my professional Tarot card readings. If there is anything not answered, or if you would like to book a reading, please email

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Legal disclaimer: Any information or guidance given from Psychic Medium Rigsgreve Kristian von Sponneck is not in lieu of professional advice, whether it be personal, legal, financial or medical. If in doubt, please speak to an appropriate advisor. All demonstrations of Mediumship are to be viewed as a form of scientific experiment and/or for entertainment purposes only.